Giving gifts feels good!

Offrir des cadeaux fait du bien !

Even though choosing a gift can sometimes be a headache, the happiness in the eyes of the recipient is priceless.

But why does giving a gift feel so good?

And how can you be sure you're making the right choice?

The benefits of the gift

Giving a gift or donating to charity would cause an increase in the feeling of well-being, an increase in the feeling of wealth, the feeling of loving one's life and finding meaning in it and improves cardiovascular conditions.

We can easily conclude that giving a gift feels good when it is done selflessly and without expectations in return. Giving your time in research, getting involved, it is this personal investment which will make the gift a success and which will provide the feeling of pleasure when it is given.

What's more, it is easy to see that when you spend money on others the feeling of satisfaction is more lasting than when you spend it on yourself.

Finally, giving a gift helps create or consolidate a social bond and strengthen the feeling of belonging to a group.

What your gift means

Depending on the gift chosen, several interpretations are easily identifiable. For example, people who did not receive many gifts in their youth will find it easier to take this type of approach, because they understand its full value.

Conversely, people who give gifts in quantity and often value are trying (consciously or not) to exert a certain amount of dominance over the person to whom they are giving them. Along the same lines, people who give a poisoned gift want to have control over the recipient. A telling example is that of giving a dog, a way of keeping the person to whom you are giving it on a leash.

Disappointing gifts have surprising meaning. For example, useful gifts such as kitchen utensils that are rarely appreciated are a sign that the giver sincerely wishes to help the person to whom she gives this type of gift. Another example, people who offer money or gift certificates are often singled out for their lack of originality and personality. In certain cases, it is entirely possible, but it is also possible that the impersonal gift reflects a form of modesty, a fear of exposing one's tastes or of making a mistake in the choice.

The race for gifts is on, don't be discouraged, and if you really can't find anything, everyone loves chocolates!

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