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Size: Standard (25 x 25 cm)
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No effort, no trouble, just spotless cleaning...

The secret of the Miracle Cloth lies in its revolutionary super absorption technology, inspired by the design of fish scales.

It absorbs dirt like magic and cleans your house in no time, the Miracle Cloth is undoubtedly different from all the wipes you have used so far.

Perfect wiping, without streaks

Are you tired of leaving streaks or lint with all the other microfiber cloths? The Miracle Cloth does not lint and leaves no marks .

Mirrors, windows and glass have never looked so shiny!

✅ Super Absorbent

Thanks to its unique fish scale technology , the Miracle Cloth absorbs dirt and liquids up to 7 times its own weight .

✅ Ideal for all surfaces

The Premium Miracle Cloth is the perfect miracle weapon for:

✔️ Polish mirrors and glass
✔️ Wipe up liquid spills
✔️ Eliminate stubborn stains
✔️ Dry plates and kitchen utensils
✔️ Wipe work surfaces
✔️ Clean windows
✔️ Dust
✔️ And much more...

✅ Durable and Reliable

No more worrying about poor quality wipes that wear out over time. The Miracle Cloth was designed to last .

Thanks to its robust and resistant design, you can keep your surfaces clean and shiny every day.

Can be used without detergent

Thanks to its unique microfiber structure , it effectively cleans dirt and stains without using chemicals. It can be used either dry or wet .

1) Dry: Use dry perfect for dusting, drying and wiping surfaces.

2) Wet: To use it wet, first wet it, then squeeze out the excess water. This method is suitable for cleaning and polishing a variety of surfaces.

Easy to clean

All it takes is a little running water to get your Miracle Cloth clean again. Simply wash, wring and dry and it's ready to use again .

- standard: 25 x 25 cm
- XL: 30 x 40 cm (best-selling)
Colors: random
Material: blend of polyester and nylon composite yarn (Vegan) 🍃

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We recommend washing wipes on a delicate cycle below 40 degrees. Wash by hand or machine to maintain the best possible cleaning effectiveness of the wipes!

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